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artwork for an contest on DA 


Guess who #art #artist #draw #drawing #drawings #wip #electro #tasm2 #theamazingspiderman2 #fanart #pencil #movie #artwork #illustrate #illustration

*does the art thing with her OC.* 

new wips 

my friend wanted this.. xD

i got inspired by Takuji Kawano, style. Since I’ll never be able to commission him and i know i can’t afford him anyways XD. So i i tried to ‘mix’ out style.

up top Raphael, and Celie, doing a ‘waltz’. next her and Patroklos, i have no idea why she’s all on that poor dude like that lol.





Of course fanart by me
Progress 90%
But I’ve also decided to give up_(」∠ 、ン、)_

jaw drops

oh my freaking gawd


Semi Transparent Lips (match colour of your blog)
Made by Totally Transparent

new sketches yo. Up top two pictures inspired by auroreblackcat. Below, a failed mermaid self portrait ;.;