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+Swarovski Spirit+
art blog of myself (Charityib) you can call me char or my full name Charity. Should have done this a long time ago lol. The blog with all my art so far is my main blog. It contains NSFW art too. You where warned.
brushes for my BG

I’ve wanted to draw Macer and Gio together since like Gio is one of the inspirations of Macer.  if Macer let’s Gio meets his coworkers this might be the reaction from Gio? But i would like to draw Macer and Lu again too xD

Gio is (C) terraterrific


I was inspired by the pixels that terraterrific makes so i made a set of my own.

countessnoir , sichore and miscellaneon

(might work on  a SOS thin later.)

drawing more dudes is always fun


i have idea what i am doing with my life now. Enjoy some mr. Grimm sichore this is for you

i have idea what i am doing with my life now. Enjoy some mr. Grimm @sichore this is for you


"Are you sick of it?"

Drew Vex in sheer rage since i never did that before. He does hold up his nickname sake. Whatever gotten him pissed like this i feel sorry for that unlucky soul. I want to draw more angry Vex, sometimes Inspired by that song from skillet 


Sooo i colored the page… more pages soon. (this would have been done sooner if PS didn’t crash and piss me off.) From grays to color. And yes again i failed Asha and matt’s faces.

one of the pages 

colors soon 

from my SR story introducing Dubstep kitty 

ffft sketch this saints row image i am doing this contains 3 OC’s and Johnny G over there on his phone. Brain fart..