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+Swarovski Spirit+
art blog of myself (Charityib) you can call me char or my full name Charity. Should have done this a long time ago lol. The blog with all my art so far is my main blog. It contains NSFW art too. You where warned.
brushes for my BG

I was inspired by the pixels that terraterrific makes so i made a set of my own.

countessnoir , sichore and miscellaneon

(might work on  a SOS thin later.)

drawing more dudes is always fun


i have idea what i am doing with my life now. Enjoy some mr. Grimm sichore this is for you

i have idea what i am doing with my life now. Enjoy some mr. Grimm @sichore this is for you


"Are you sick of it?"

Drew Vex in sheer rage since i never did that before. He does hold up his nickname sake. Whatever gotten him pissed like this i feel sorry for that unlucky soul. I want to draw more angry Vex, sometimes Inspired by that song from skillet 


Sooo i colored the page… more pages soon. (this would have been done sooner if PS didn’t crash and piss me off.) From grays to color. And yes again i failed Asha and matt’s faces.

one of the pages 

colors soon 

from my SR story introducing Dubstep kitty 

ffft sketch this saints row image i am doing this contains 3 OC’s and Johnny G over there on his phone. Brain fart..

*faints.* I did tutorials and advice from Robaato , He’s work is very awesome and his advice and tutorials helps a lot. The lines was done in SAI. Sooo in this picture we got Sage, Nya, Vex, and Mooncat. For miscellaneoncountessnoir, annnd sichore, I was doing this for the past 2 weeks.